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We always have lots of dried firewood on hand.  It's dried, split hardwood ready for your fireplace or fire pit.  We sell it in convenient oversize shopping carts (about 8 cu ft). It's also free of any ash tree wood which may carry the Emerald Ash Borer.

Excellent for planters, flower pots, repotting house plants and even mixing with grass seed for easy lawn patching.  Just $6.90 per 35 litre bag. Buy 5 and get one free.

Every year more people show an interest in sprucing up their yard and gardens. Many also want to look after their own lawn instead of calling the weed guys.


Springbank Garden Centre is here to make this all simple and fun.  Because of our central location (the only London garden centre not on the out-skirts) we are easy to find, get in, and get back to your garden with the right product.


Best of all we will give you the right advice when you need it to save you time and aggravation. And most importantly if there is no solution to your dilemma (government regulations now ban many effective solutions) we won't sell you pretend products that don't work.


Every season offers something unique in the garden. Early spring presents snow drops and even tulips pushing through the left over snow and frozen ground. Then the buds on the trees swell and leaves start to form in April and May. Planting starts in earnest in early May with pansies and cold crop vegetables such as onion sets, lettuce and spinach. Late May presents annuals as far as the eye can see. Summer is the time to enjoy the lush green grass you've worked hard to grow. The annuals flourish and perennials blossom one after another. Fall comes and brilliant colours are painted all over the garden. Soon it's time for a fresh cut Christmas tree. After a sleepy winter the cycle repeats itself year after year. Always remember the garden is there to enjoy - take the time to smell the roses and revel in the beauty that nature springs on us everyday.

Spring Bulbs let the leaves feed the bulb after the flowers... >>

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Maintaining Tree Health - For established trees, spread a bag... >>

Watering Trees - Water trees deeply but not too often.. >>

When to Fertilize - Fall fertilizing is the most important... >>

Clover is Amazing! - At one   time,gardeners often ... >>

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